extr@ French episode 1 - 13 with French subtitles (A2 - B1)

extr@ (Extra) is a language education television series scripted in the format of a sitcom. Four versions were made, each in a different language: English, French, German, and Spanish. The English version has 30 episodes, and the other three languages have 13 episodes each. The Plot of the 13 episodes is nearly the same in all the language variants.

extr@ (Extra) French is the story of Sacha and Annie, Sam and Nico, four young adults who are thrown together to play out their romances, life crises and contrasting interests in a familiar sitcom setting. The two girls share a flat in Paris and Nico is their neighbour. When Sam, with only a very basic grasp of French, comes to visit, everything starts to go wrong. Or right! His efforts to get to grips with the language provide the central dynamic for the series and its language learning content. The scripts have been carefully written so that the language is simple and accessible at all levels.

Episode 1 - 13 video playlist (Youtube)

DELF Exam level: A2 - B1

Skills practised: Listening, Speaking